We provide high-end design services to our clients in the following areas:

• Network Infrastructure

• LAN: routing and switching, PoE, etc.


• WAN: carrier services – MPLS, point-to-point, etc.


• Metro: dark fiber, metro Ethernet, etc.


• Wireless: indoor/outdoor for mobility and site-to-site connectivity

• Security Infrastructure

• Firewalls


• Intrusion Prevention


• VPNs


• Remote Access


• Web Filtering

• Web Optimization

• Load-Balancing


• Content Acceleration/Caching

• Data Center Design

• Rack Layout


• Power Distribution


• Cooling


• Cable Distribution


We help our clients build and use network management platforms that are actually useful:

• Data Center Design

• Open-Source Solutions


• Commercial Applications


• In-House Developed Tools


• Auditing of Existing Networks


• Documenting Existing Networks


We have the hands-on skills and experience to implement what we design; we specialize in:

• Highly-Available Networks

• Redundant solutions


• Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

• Scalable Networks

• Business Growth


• Merger/Acquisition

• Complex Network

• IP Multicast

• Voice/Video

• Stock Trading

• Quality of Service


• Multi-Protocol Integration


• Extra-net Services


We help diagnose network problems and develop solutions for our clients:

• Device Configurations


• Protocol Analysis – e.g. diagnostic sniffer traces


• Log Analysis


• Forensics

Other Services:

We also perform the following services for our clients as needed:

• Service Provider Contract Negotiations


• Perform New-Hire Technical Interviews


• Provide Technical Training


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